Command Theories – Which One is among the most Actionable?

There are many leadership theories and models, yet none is really as actionable since the theory that states that people will be born with certain qualities. In this theory, all of us are born with certain personality traits and cognitive abilities. This theory presumes that we are typical born with specific features and styles. A leader can use the characteristics of their style to better address the situation. The other theory says a person is not created with particular characteristics, nonetheless that the characteristics that define management are inherited.

The contingency theory posits that a great leader gets used to to any problem and is a master of change. Great commanders adapt to the matter by determine what type of followers they have and assessing the task requirements. This theory advises that people follows a leader if the circumstance requires it, and that returns and punishments must be a good and balanced combination. However, the life changing theory states that market leaders gain buy-in from supporters by providing an optimistic environment and engaging them in meaningful activities.

The initial leadership theory claims that people are created with several characteristics which will make them superb leaders. This theory suggests that some people happen to be born while using the abilities to acquire, while others develop these attributes over time. The second leadership theory argues that leaders must be charismatic and have specified personality traits. This theory is mostly a more controversial theory, but it has many supporters. In fact , this theory has possibly been customized to include females as wonderful leaders, but the concept remains to be prevalent.

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